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Hello and welcome to Sons of Justice! (SOJ)

I hope we can set this this as you digital home and help one another grow into being the best gamers you can be!
But here are some criterias that you need to reach in order to be apart of the clan that may upset some people:
1)MUST be buying an Xbox one the new gen consoles are growing and are going to be a lifeline for a lifetime.
2)If you are getting the Xbox one then you must be getting xbox live. How else are we going to communicate?

1)Must ONLY be part of this one clan if you wish to be part of another clan just tell me don't do it behind my back have some dignity
2)Respect the page and your fellow clan members it isn't fun when people are being mean or rude so keep it to yourself
3)HAVE FUN! Thats the whole reason why i made this clan was to have fun so if you have any problems with someone or something come and tell me so we can grow as a "digital family"

What we do:
Since the xbox one hasn't come out yet all we can do is gossip and talk about it but for when it do come out i will like to focus on the 1st and 3rd person shooters such as COD Ghost, Battlefield 4, Tom Clancy The Division(when that comes out ill only be playing that), "Halo 5, Destiny,etc... it would be better to talk to one another before purchasing the game so we can all get it, it would make sense for 75% of people to get battlefield and 25% get halo so that would be nice to do.

Violators of any of these rules will be sentenced to the following punishments:
Rude:warning second time 1 day ban
cursing:I really don't care if you curse but if you do don't be mean with it if you do you will get a 1 day ban
Trolls: 1 million year ban i don't have time for trolls so i'm not going to put up with it
being in multi-clans: If you wish to stay you will be prosecuted to the clan and your second clan will be informed of the situation.

like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ ... SonsOfJustice use #sonsofjustice get the word out there
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